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Rapists, Beware: Detroit Prosecutor IDs 21 Attackers in ‘Rape Kit’ Investigation

Who says there isn’t a rape culture when police in Detroit in the USA did nothing with “rape kits” when they took DNA swabs from rape victims.

It took one woman, Kym Worthy to challenge the ignoring of the rape victims – she found the kits, demanded they were dusted down and found 21 serial rapists. 

Looks like Kym Worthy is a Feminist Avenger! Well done Kym Avenger for all her industrious endevours to bring rapists to trail and hold them accountable.

Detroit Mayor Lawyers

Kym Worthy, Prosecutor in Detroit and Feminist Avenger


In one especially horrific case, Worthy says, a convicted rapist named Shelly Andre Brooks had raped and murdered five women after raping a woman whose kit was just recently entered into the database through Worthy’s initiative. If that rape kit had been tested and entered into the database sooner, the man could have been caught sooner—and five women’s lives could have been saved. “That’s why it’s so horrible, this whole thing,” Worthy says.”

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