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The Order of the Lady Finger to Matt Bendoris

Ha ha ha “feminist avengers” are popping up all over the place and Clara Zetkin seems to get about.  Copycat avenging is happening all over the place.  Wouldn’t it be great if feminists took action all over the world at everyday sexism, misogyny and rape culture.

Feminist Avengers received information about this action – Matt Bendoriss has been awarded a “lady finger” and certificate from the Order of the Lady Finger.

Well done that feminist avenger.

If you want to take action against everyday sexism, misogyny and rape culture take action ensuring that

  1. you are safe 
  2. stay anonymous – we are an underground guerrilla movement
  3. don’t get into trouble – women have enough troubles without creating trouble for ourselves
  4. let the Feminist Avengers know by emailing us on avengerfeminist@gmail.com or tweet @avengerfeminist and use the hashtag #feministavengers
  5. take a photo