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Fuckwit Friday. Fuckwit of the Week goes to Sun journalist Matt Bendoris


Matt Bendoris, Fuckwit of the Week for everyday sexism of the highest order
Gosh!  Matt Bendoris, could you be more of a fuckwit?  Could you be more of a sexist weirdo fuckwit?  Probably you could be – sigh!  Everyday sexism reigns in The Sun and with this interview Matt Bendoris proves it.
What were you thinking when you wrote that piece of sexist drivel about Nicola Bendetti, Mr Bendoris?  The very talented violinist Benedetti? We know you work for the sun but come on!  Are you a parody of yourself?
Matt Bendoris has the privilege to interview Ms Bendetti and what does he talk about?  Rihanna!!  And then as the “Chief Features Editor” goes on to describe her tummy, long legs and sandals!  Peleeeese!!!!  Is this journalism nowadays?

He asks her stupid questions about Rihanna and then describes Benedetti as “tightly strung as a Stradivarius when pop babe Rihanna’s name crops up and when she puts a flea in his ear , she “suddenly flies off on one”.  Typical hysterical woman.

Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti
He then states “So I guess Nicola won’t be posing for the lads’ mags anytime soon. Pity, because she looks fit as a fiddle when we meet at Edinburgh’s plush Sheraton Hotel”  The poor woman – imagine having to sit and talk to him anywhere, never mind a “plush” hotel  (we think he’s saying look at me, look at me – I’m in a plush hotel – high five – with a beautiful talented woman).
Ignoring the fact that she is a world famous violinist he feels the need to describe what she is wearing “the classical musician is wearing skinny jeans which show off her long legs. She’s also busty with a washboard flat tummy, tottering around 5ft 10in in her Dune platform wedges”  WTF?  Looks like this poor woman needed the Feminist Avengers to bust into the Sheraton to save her from this creepy weirdo fuckwit!!  We are just so sorry we didn’t know!
An anteater – we like anteaters so thought we would put up a picture of one
Bendoris then goes on to insult Benedetti’s looks by stating “But Nicola doesn’t always take the bonniest photo — she’s beaky in pics sometimes, which is weird because in the flesh she’s an absolute knock-out”.  Sounds like he thought she was an anteater or something and then shock horror finds out she is a good looking woman (one only wishes that an anteater had turned up for the interview – that would have been brilliant, but the Feminist Avengers don’t see many anteaters about nowadays, more’s the pity, so maybe not).
So Matt Bendoris the Feminist Avengers think you are a FUCKWIT – treat women with respect and ditch the everyday sexism when interviewing talented women.  So on FUCKWIT FRIDAY we nominate you Mr. Matt Bendoris FUCKWIT of the week!!
Read the fuckwit’s article here