Feminist Avengers was founded in Scotland by a bunch of vagabonds, ne’erdowell women who also happen to be radical feminists.  Fed up of misogyny, everyday sexism and rape culture the Feminist Avengers decided to set up an underground global guerrilla movement to expose rape apologists, sexists, misogynists and the patriarchy where ever we see it.

The Feminist Avengers are inspired by the Situtionist International (see more here) and would recommend their theoretical work in  the influential book of its time The Society of the Spectacle and would also recommending John Berger’s Ways of SeeingBoudicca – Warrior Woman

However we are radical feminists of the RADICAL kind, not the fun kind.  And we have issues, big issues and we are angry.  We blame the patriarchy – the whole system of men’s power over women!  We are angry that the patriarchy re-enforces women’s subordination in society and that is the patriarchy is re-enforcing its power in culture, in society, in politics, in education, in industry, in the family, in our relationships. We don’t hate men – we hate the patriarchy and aim to smash it…….into smithereens ……. so be afraid be very afraid!!

Feminist Avengers of the world – UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    1. feministavenger Post author

      Follow this blog but take action against the patriarchy in anyway you can. If you do take action remain anonymous, be safe and don’t do anything to get into trouble (women have enough troubles to get into more trouble). Tweet us on @avengerfeminist hashtag #feministavengers and/or email us on avengerfeminist@gmail.com

      Take care and take action

      Clara Zetkin

  1. wwomenwwarriors

    Hey sisters. Just dropping in to say I’ve seen you in the news and I approve of this message 🙂 Solidarity!


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