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Misogynistic robots take over the world?

Misogynistic robots at work!

You thought it was the patriarchy that was to blame for t-shirts with slogans “Keep Calm and Rape A Lot” being mass produced in the colours of the rainbow, packaged and then  sold on via Amazon for £14.99.  Well how wrong were you!  It was Cyberbog misogynistic robots!

Be afraid, be very afraid!!

The company, Solid Gold Bomb who produced the t-shirts inciting serial rape here deny that they did it on purpose, they take little responsibility, blame computers and minimise the impact as “ill feeling“. 

Feminist Avengers call to arms!!

Feminist Avengers as soon as we found out that these t-shirts were on sale called out to put as many reviews on Amazon – we had done this as high jinks before with the Pink Bic Pens which went viral in the summer of last year.  It became a global phenomenon see here.  This time using the reviews not to make sarcastic remarks about the “gender binary” and expose the complete nonsense that ladies need big pink pens to assist with their big bubble writing but this time to show that there is a movement against rape culture.  Within 2 hours there were 200 reviews all angry, all letting Amazon know how horrific it was to sell such products and thousands of tweets.  Amazon withdrew the t-shirts and the Solid Gold Bomb were forced to apologise.  A short but sweet social media revolt!!

Here is their “apology”

Thanks for your interest in contacting us. We have been informed of the fact that we were selling an offensive t-shirt primarily in the UK. This has been immediately deleted as it was and had been automatically generated using a scripted computer process running against 100s of thousands of dictionary words.

Any offensive items that are remaining are certainly in the deletion queue and will be removed as soon as the processing is complete. Although we did not in any way deliberately create the offensive t-shirts in question and it was the result of a scripted programming process that was compiled by only one member of our staff, we accept the responsibility of the error and our doing our best to correct the issues at hand.

We’re sorry for the ill feeling this has caused! We’re doing our best here to fix the problem.

Well the Feminist Avengers aren’t sure if we believe this statement because it is implausible and we are well aware there is a rape culture that can be commodified and marketed.Solid Gold Bomb believed there was a market to sell these dispicable t-shirts, what they didn’t realise is that there is a movement out there campaigning against rape culture and misogyny.

But as Sky News point out they are also selling a t-shirt called “Keep Calm and Hit Her” see report here, however given the furore made about the serial rape ones, Amazon removed the domestic abuse t-shirts too see report from Channel 4 news here

The Feminist Avengers have awarded Solod Gold Bomb Fuckwits of the Week and we don’t blame the computers, robots or cyborgs!!  We blame the men that designed, produced and marketed them and youse are banged to fecking rights.  .   


Amazon incites serial rape towards women. Show your protest!

Today Clara Zetkin, Spokesperson for the Feminist Avengers, raged at Amazon selling t-shirts with the slogan “Keep Calm and Carry On Raping” and calls on feminist avengers from around the world to let Amazon know how they feel.  Either write a review or phone them.  If they do not take the t-shirt that states “KEEP CALM AND RAPE A LOT” then Amazon should be boycotted!”

 Ethel MacDonald, Artistic Director for the Feminist Avengers stated: “The Feminist Avengers call for other feminists to tell Amazon that if they do not withdraw this dispicable misogynistic t-shirt then the International Federation of Feminist Avengers will call for a global boycott of Amazon. The Feminist Avengers used amazon reviews previously for the less important issue of pink Bic pens, our reviews became a global phenomeon, a bit of fun about a serious issue about “gender binary!” and the over feminisation of the colour pink but on this product we cannot see this as sexist nonsense but as hatred against women promoting the the serial rape of women and children! We call on all Feminist Avengers to take action

Rani Lakshmibai , International Secretariat of Situationist Internationale stated “the spectacle of belittling rape and sexual assault of women creates a language and a culture that means the violation and abuse of women becomes normal. Women have a human right to consent to have sex. Encouraging rape and especially serial rape by these t-shirts and by Amazon facilitating the peddling of the t-shirts is horrific. The sexual assault and rape of women can never be funny, can never be promoted by fashion and cannot be accepted within our society.  We blame the rape culture that has made t-shirts like this acceptable. We ask Amazon to reflect on the fact that rape is violence against women and children!  

Helen Crawford, Legal Advisor to Feminist Avengers explained “The United Nations recognises that violence against women and girls takes many forms and is widespread throughout the globe.  It includes rape, domestic violence, harassment at work, abuse in school, female genital mutilation and sexual violence in armed conflicts.  It is predominantly inflicted by men. Men’s violence and abuse is a major barrier against women’s equality and liberation. The right of women and girls to live free of violence from men’s violence and abuse is inalienable and fundamental.  Women are not commodities to be bought and sold. It is enshrined in international human rights and humanitarian law.  There is a pandemic of violence and rape against women and girls; we only ask that women are not violated and humiliated by men’s violence and abuse. Excusing rape as bad manners harms all women and dismisses the fact that rape constitutes inhumane and degrading treatment and torture of women, which is a breach of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights.”

 “The direct actions of the Feminist Avengers are based on their anger and their struggle for women’s liberation.”

 Amazon page:

How to make a review – click here you can either give the t-shirt one star or five stars (you can’t give none) and write a review either under your own name or create a new account.

Avengers are found on Twitter @avengerfeminist the hashtag we use is #feministavengers