Get out our space!

Boudicca Iceni, Feminist Avenger was asked “why are you a feminist avenger?  Don’t you like men“.  And this is her response.

“Firstly, read this tumblr blog here

“Just on this blog alone brings me to want to be a Feminist Avenger.  This is a common phenomenon women have to put up with on buses and trains, strangers, men, strange men telling us to smile and  asking us “what we are reading?”  Look no offence cupcake, we just are not that into you and we don’t want to talk to you!  No really!!  We really don’t want to talk to you, not EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last time this happened to me an elderly orthodox jewish gentleman came to my rescue by asking about my “husband” after being asked several times about my book and where was I going by a man I had never met in my life he also pressed his leg against my leg. I wanted to hit him with my kindle – I didn’t. The elderly gentleman was being helpful and knew exactly what was going on and could see I was uncomfortable by the nosey strange man..

I then found myself talking to the nice strange man about my (mythical) husband.  So I find myself talking nonsense to a nice strange man to stop the weird strange man from talking to me!  I just wanted to read my book.

Maybe the Feminist Avengers need to be riding on buses and trains like Guardian Angels of 1980s New York asking men to get out of women’s space and STOP asking them about their books!!  It’s not a mobile Book Group  AND as women we have the right to look grumpy and not to smile on command -we are not performing monkeys and leave our legs alone!

So if you see any women on a bus or train looking like this –

 then you know the FEMINIST AVENGERS have taken to the streets and creepy weirdo men with over interest in books and their male privilege and entitlement better watch out!!
You are warned!!!!


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