Pink pens pushing the patriarchy

Feminist Avengers take action against BIC’s pink and purple pens designed “just for her”

Stationery manufacturer BIC has provoked widespread online ridicule after designing a range of pink and purple pen just “for her”.

 Feminist Avengers mocked the pink and purple pens – why because women don’t need special pens we need to live a world without the patriarchy and special pens ain’t gonna help us do that!!
“Designed to fit comfortably in a woman’s hand” comes in an “attractive barrel design available in pink and purple”.  Ah shucks!!  It even guarantees smooth writing not bumpy boy writing but smooth lady writing.  Hallelujah women’s liberation through smooth pink writing.  One can only imagine what Mary Wollstonecraft might have achieved if only she had a BIC pink or purple pen that guaranteed “smooth writing” when writing her  300 page appeal, “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” Read it here

Mary Wollstonecraft, Feminist Avenger from the 18th Century – didn’t have pink BIC pen such was her oppression!

Feminist Avengers from all over the globe riduculed these quite frankly daft pens!!  It’s capitalism got mad, we tell you!

Website Amazon has been flooded with hundreds of reviews from women, who managed to successfully navigate their computer keyboards to express their appreciation.

“I could barely write my name without having to sit down afterwards- it’s nine letters long and thus really takes it out of me when writing with a normal pen designed for men.

“But now… the whole world looks different. I cannot recommend this pen enough. It won’t just change your handwriting. It will change your life.”

Ingrid Moon said: “These pens actually make me feel liberated! At last my delicate feminine needs and tastes are being considered!”

One contrite reviewer, calling herself Sparklepony, said: “When I saw these I just had to have them, so I asked my Husband to buy them for me.

“He refused, as he said that owning a pen might make me Think, and then have Ideas Of My Own. Then I might start to Write, which would take time away from my wifely duties such as Cooking, Cleaning, and Bearing Children.

“Of course he was Absolutely Right, none of these tasks require a pen, and so I have to give these one star.”

Kitchenwench wrote: “I was recently given a box of these as a gift from my husband, but I have no idea what to do with them!

“They’re too thin to make a good rolling pin. I can’t ladle out my soups with them. And the tiny point doesn’t even make a dent when I try to use one to chop veggies!

“I don’t get it. If I can’t use it in the kitchen, what the hell am I supposed to do with one???”

The website section suggesting “tags” associated with the pens include “soft brained woman”, “delicate flowers”, “small lady hands” and “sexist”.

Other thoughtful users were moved to point out the pitfalls of the products.

MJ wrote: “I don’t use pens much – mostly to write the name of my crush on a piece of paper and draw hearts around it.”

Sparkle Kitten Girl (we suspect this is NOT her real name!) writes “Wow!! Where do I start?! I just can’t believe that I somehow managed to get by my whole life using boy-coloured pens which are made for boy hands! The BIC For Her Amber Medium Ballpoint Pen (in pink) has made such a difference to my life. Just last week I had to sign my name, but I had one of those regular boy pens, and I got all the letters muddled up and they weren’t even all on the page! LOLs! But when I tried writing my name today it was just incredible!!! All the letters were in the right order, The first letter was bigger and capitalised, they sat neatly on the line on the page, and they all fitted on the page! It took me a whole 12 minutes less too, and now I can dedicate all this spare time to cooking, hoovering, ironing, and vajazzling my noo-nah *giggles*”

Another, clearly more used to purchasing BIC razors, worried: “These are absolutely rubbish at hair removal. Would not buy again. Now my legs and pits are really overgrown and I’m worried everyone will think I’m a feminist

Feminist Avengers put the fun in fundamental.  take action against the patriarchy where ever you find it!

Just remember to tell us about it on @avengerfeminist using the hashtag #feministavengers on Twitter or email

Read the reviews here


6 thoughts on “Pink pens pushing the patriarchy

  1. Hecuba

    Excellent and well done Feministavengers for not submitting to the latest women-hating ploy Male Supremacist System has created. How about Bic creating ‘huge’ pens for men because males have such big hands they need those extra large pens in order to write all their women-hating messages.

    Proves yet again Feminists have a sense of humour, but of course men and Male Supremacist hate being mocked and ridiculed by us ‘meek women!’

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