Hello world!

Feminist Avengers are radical feminists taking guerrilla action against sexism, misogyny and rape culture.

Supported by the Situtionists Internationale (Scottish Chapter).

Founded in Scotland  but we urge all women every where who are feminists to take action against patriarchal power.  Sisters of the world unite!

Who are we?  Women!  We are your neighbours, colleagues, family members, partners, the people you sit next to on the bus and the person walking down the street.  We are everywhere and we are angry at everyday sexism, misogyny and rape culture so we are taking action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smash the patriarchy!!!


3 thoughts on “Hello world!

    1. Clara Zetkin

      Hey Natural Woman – take direct action and then tell us about it!! Keep it anonymous, safe and keep out of trouble, email us and we will blog it – avengerfeminist@gmail.com or tweet us on @avengerfeminist and use hashtag #feministavengers.


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